In Celler Tianna Negre we believe that as well as respecting our wine making traditions it is important research and up to date developments in the world of wine, in order to obtain the best quality product.

The quality of the wine is not just a matter of the winery and the making of. It takes its roots in the vineyards and therefore we practice sustainable agriculture, looking after each variety in a way that will help it reach its full potential. We work throughout the year to guarantee a healthy and homogenous harvest.

During the life of the vine there are numerous controls and analyses, following, in detail, the cycle of the plant. Our harvest is done by hand in boxes of 15kg maximum to preserve the quality of the grapes.

We combine the high-end technology to respect the grape-most-wine process. We establish the harvested grapes with cold, and have the best equipment to control the cold fermentation.

This fermentation is microbiologically controlled and constant analyses are carried out by our laboratory, with a team of specialized chemists. The casks and the corks are also controlled